At the core of our planning platform is numerical optimization, and we need you to bring your optimization and analysis skills and practical modeling experience to bear, keeping users from knowing optimization technology is even being used, but solving more and more of their goal-based planning needs.


  • Design and implement optimization techniques, expanding the platform’s ability to optimize financial and operational problems our customers face
  • Directly implement solutions, or communicate clearly with the software development team the approach
  • Work with the Customer Success team to solve or work around client issues with their models


  • Degree in Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or Computer Science
  • Experience designing and implementing optimization models
  • Good communication skills with both technical and business people. Ability to speak at a level appropriate for the audience
  • A theoretical and working knowledge of smooth and non-smooth optimization methods accompanied by associated expertise in the use of tools and the latest technology (e.g. CPLEX, Gurobi, XPRESS)
  • Can implement models and tools through the use of high-level modeling languages (e.g. AMPL, Mosel, R, Matlab) or directly through APIs
  • Experience prototyping and developing software in traditional programming languages (C++, Java)
  • Familiarity with SQL