Quanta AI

Our proprietary algorithms recommend changes to your products and components, enabling you to maximize the value of your existing resources, and make crystal clear what is needed to achieve your corporate VE goals.



Combine the npv10 software with on-demand consulting to support your VE program.


Hand your ad-hoc projects off to us for quick analysis when your team is busy.


The npv10 AI Engine adapts to fit your business with customer-defined inputs and formulas.

Fund Management

Use our staff and best-of-breed practices to manage your corporate VE Fund, leaving final decisions to you.


Find capital to finance your VE projects, sharing the risk and returns.


Use in-person and video-based training solutions for your teams so they can quickly get up to speed.



Networking equipment manufacturers are constantly developing next-generation products, but need to manage margins on their existing product lines, often for 5 years or more. Replace low-volume quick-to-market designs with low-cost high-volume components.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics life-cycles are getting shorter, but having a range of new and older products gives your customers a choice of price points. Improve your margins by re-engineering these older products with more cost-effective components.


Electronics are becoming a larger part of the cost of vehicles, with components having long lead-times and long product lives, especially with replacement parts needing to be supplied for many years. Reducing their cost by even a few percent can make a huge impact on the model's profitability.


Mark Streich

Mark has spent the past three years building and refining our portfolio optimization software, which dramatically improves returns for value engineering programs. Using this same approach, he has assisted several multi-billion dollar firms improve portfolio returns in a variety of industries. Mark is a serial entrepreneur, holds an MBA in international business, a BS in accounting and economics from Wharton and a master’s degree in computer science.

Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron spent five years managing a multi-billion dollar value engineering portfolio for Cisco Systems, where he also worked in finance, procurement and supply chain. While pursuing an MBA in international business at Thunderbird, Aaron dabbled in private equity and venture capital. He spent 15 years in Colorado, as an entrepreneur and professional guide in the adventure-sports industry. Aaron holds a BA in Latin American studies in addition to an MBA.


npv10 provides Value Engineering portfolio consulting and software to electronics hardware companies looking to strategically manage their product margins.



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