Clean Energy

Wind, solar, and/or hydro, your clean-energy portfolio is a mix of assets of varying generation capacities, ages and maintenance requirements.  Modeling the uncertainty around production should enable you to ensure sufficient production for contracted or expected demand.

When the sun isn’t shining or the wind blowing, or even if your hydroelectric dam has insufficient water, your assets are still requiring capital and are aging, and the debt financing continues to need payment.  Your capital equipment will eventually need to be replaced, potentially with more efficient versions. Easily model the long-term financial and operational aspects of your business, and plan knowing you’re considering your portfolio-wide uncertainty.

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 Technology companies are facing ever-shortening product life-cycles, with cutting edge products barely out the door before the category becomes commoditized. You have to be constantly innovating and evaluating what to develop, enhance, acquire, or end-of-life.

Our analytical tools will help you evaluate the trade-offs, always considering your corporate goals and constraints.  And the uncertainty inherent in any high-tech endeavor will always be addressed in the analysis.

Real Estate

Your real estate portfolio is filled with properties of various types, vintages, and phases of their useful life.  You need to plan whether to build, acquire, dispose, maintain, or upgrade.

The tools allow you to quickly consider the alternatives available, taking into consideration your properties’ occupancy, regional vacancy and rental rates, and your overall portfolio’s FFO and debt-coverage.  The uncertainty in the forecasts should be embraced, so you can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Oil & Gas

 You own a mix of O&G projects (upstream, midstream, or downstream), some producing, some being developed, and others waiting to become economic. You need to plan whether to continue producing, acquire additional projects, dispose of some, or enhance others.

The software enables you to quickly consider the alternatives available, taking into consideration your projects’ production forecasts (including uncertainty), development costs, and price deck.  See which projects best fit your available capital, goals, and constraints. You can also take into account your preference for owning all of a project or using joint ventures. The uncertainty in any forecast is made visible, so you can develop plans for different outcomes that are out of your control.

Entertainment & Media

Whether you produce movies, television shows, music, books, magazines, or video games, you probably have a portfolio of properties and potential projects.  They may be generating cash, requiring cash and other resources, but all have an uncertain future, dependent upon competition for consumers’ attention and entertainment spending.

By integrating both financial (up-front payments, production costs, marketing, and net-sharing) and operational issues (is a star only available at certain times?) you can plan out your next few years.  Quickly determine what’s holding you back from growing your media business and profits.

Consumer or Industrial Products

Your diversified portfolio of products enables you to reach a wide swath of consumer or industrial customers.  But the concerns are the same:  As various products mature and decline in sales, are you investing in new products to replace them, and is your overall business stagnant or growing?

We will help you figure out which products or product families are simply not pulling their weight in terms of resources required and return received.  When you want to grow your business, our integrated solution helps you know when new facilities are needed or long-lead marketing is required to achieve overall objectives.


Services may be restaurants, hotels, medical care, consultants, rental car companies, tourism, insurers, financial services, and airlines. All provide some type of service to customers, and some have potentially very large capital costs. They also share economic cycles, competitive pressure, and investments in efforts to reach different customer segments.

Our software enables you to model the different parts of your business, to know what is most constraining you from becoming 2 to 10x larger. When deciding how to expand, you can evaluate the known costs and the uncertain revenue possibilities. Modeling this across the portfolio of locations or business lines will enable you to better plan for different outcomes that are out of your control.