npv100 software improves the value of your company 100X!!

HOUSTON, Texas, April 1, 2017 — Mark Streich, the founder of npv10 (, and acknowledged “2nd Funniest Man in Houston,” chose April 1st to announce the latest version of the integrated strategic planning software, npv100™.  Their current release, npv10, typically improves the value of a company’s plans by 10-20%, but Mark knew that growth companies really wanted to shoot for 100X growth, and the new version does just that.

“With npv100, you’re going to see how your company can grow from where it is today to 100 times that size at some point in the future,” explained Streich.  The desktop application uses advanced optimization to select and amplify your available options, taking into account your unrealistic expectations, and onerous constraints, to develop a plan that takes your company into the stratosphere, if you’re SpaceX.

About npv10

npv10 is a startup founded by Mark Streich in Houston, Texas.  The npv10 application is currently the company’s main product (


Mark Streich
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Hello world!

It is finally time to hang my shingle out, and let the world know what I have been up to for the last 5 months.

I’ve been attempting to solve that formula at the top of the page…

Okay, that’s actually just PART of the formula.  The actual formula is far longer, and it is just one of many other formulas that must be created and calculated.  This goes part of the way towards explaining why not everyone is doing this. It is not easy.  But solving thousands of simultaneous equations is not what I am ultimately trying to accomplish.

I am making it far easier for companies to quickly evaluate their strategic alternatives, in terms of financial and operational performance.

As the software progresses, I will share more details.

For now, just know the answer to the equation was 728. That wasn’t so hard, was it?