Consumer and Industrial Products

You manufacture and sell products to consumers or businesses, and your diversified portfolio of products enables you to successfully reach your customers.  Regardless of who buys though, the concerns are the same:  as various products mature and decline in sales, are you investing in new products to replace them, is your overall business stagnant or growing, what constraints are holding you back from growing your business 2 to 10X?

We will help you figure out which products or product families are simply not pulling their weight in terms of resources required and return received.  When you want to grow your business, our integrated solution helps you know when new facilities are needed or long-lead marketing is required to achieve overall objectives.

Developing a successful product is great, but only if you have the resources to capitalize on it!  Model the case of demand far outstripping supply, and see which resources are most critical, when do you need to acquire them, and how will you pay for them?

See how to select “value engineering” projects based on your goals and constraints: Strategic Portfolio Management for Value Engineering Projects, by npv10.