Real Estate

Your real estate portfolio is filled with properties of various types, vintages, and phases of their useful life. You need to plan whether to build, acquire, dispose, maintain, or upgrade.

The software enables you to quickly consider the alternatives available, taking into consideration your properties’ occupancy, regional vacancy and rental rates, and your overall portfolio’s FFO and debt-coverage.  Before setting dividend rates, how confident are you in the cash-flow forecasts?  The uncertainty in the forecasts should be embraced, so you can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Valuing acquisitions is more than just a forecast of that one property. Buying it means you may decide to delay or not buy others, disposing of some assets, taking on additional equity or debt, and trying to maintain your dividends without affecting credit ratings. You will be able to see what value it adds to your overall portfolio so you know what it is worth to you.