Services may be restaurants, hotels, medical care, consultants, rental car companies, tourism, insurers, financial services, and airlines.  All provide some type of service to customers, and some have potentially very large capital costs.  They also share economic cycles, competitive pressure, and investments in efforts to reach different customer segments.

While small service companies have to focus on few primary issues important to their customers, larger companies need to think of maintaining the proper mix of personnel, training, facilities and other equipment.  They each have different lead times and expected duration of service.

Our software enables you to model the different parts of your business, to know what is most constraining you from becoming 2 to 10x larger?  When deciding when and where to expand, you will need to evaluate the known costs and the uncertain revenue possibilities.  Modeling this uncertainty across the portfolio of locations or business lines will enable you to better plan for different outcomes that are out of your control.

The integrated approach to financial and operational issues keeps you grounded in the real-world issues facing your company as you deliver needed services.